Powerful Results

Through a powerful database, SCoPE provides clear in-depth results, together with a personalized review from SCoPE experts, to inform your communications programming.


All SCoPE districts receive:

  •  A comprehensive two-part report including a higher level summary followed by a more detailed index of all of the responses by question
  •  A corresponding CSV file containing the raw data, which can be exported for further disaggregated analysis
  •  A customized follow-up review identifying highest and lowest scoring areas and opportunities to improve communication effectiveness
  •  An electronic copy of the National School Public Relations Association Benchmarking Project’s Rubrics of Practice and Suggested Measures
  •  Comparative results of other SCoPE districts against which to benchmark your own program

Whether you are building a new program or seeking to improve an existing one, school communication leaders at all levels will find value in SCoPE.

Use SCoPE to:

  • Establish a baseline for a new program and determine priorities.
  • Maximize your efficiency by continuing what is working, and changing or eliminating what is not.
  • Track your district and schools’ performance against others for insightful perspective and benchmarking.
  • Consider your results alongside established standards of practice in key areas of school communication.
  • Build accountability.